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Dare to Dream Program

Dare to Dream Program


Arlington Place continually goes above and beyond expectations when it comes to their residents. Our staff learns what types of activities our residents wish they could do or wish they would have done and we help their dreams come true! Whether it’s creating a candle lit, romantic dinner for spouses, participating in a car show ride-along, going on an airplane ride, or taking a resident to see their grandchildren for the first time, nothing is too big or too small! We want to help create lasting memories for the residents of Arlington Place!


While visiting with Vivian and one of her long-time friends one day after Happy Hour, Life Enrichment Coordinator Shenita learned what a great golfer Vivian used to be. The trio discussed the coming signs of spring and the need to get out for putting practice. That’s when Shenita decided to bring the putting green to Vivian! While getting in her putting practice from the comfort of her home, Vivian was all smiles. After each swing she would exclaim “Yippie!” As she lined up each putt, she would assess her stance and strategize her next swing. Vivian recalled many fond memories while getting in some putting practice with Shenita and her dear friend.


Irene lived a simple life in the country near Stout, Iowa. She went to church every Sunday and helped on the farm. Irene loves to reminisce about her church. Life Enrichment Coordinator, Shari, and Lead Resident Assistant, Kristin, learned about an upcoming Family Reunion that Irene was not going to be able to attend. Shari and Kristin took it upon themselves to make sure Irene made it to that reunion! They picked up Irene and a few family members in the Arlington Place bus and headed out of a road trip! First, they took Irene to see her husband’s grave in Grundy Center and drove through Holland to see the homes of both her grandparents. Next, they went to visit her church in Stout and stopped at the gravesite of her parents. Finally, the crew made it to the Family Reunion in Parkersburg. Irene was able to see nieces, nephews, cousins and best of all, her sister.



Lorenz is a long time Chicago Bears fan, who claims to be their number one fan! Life Enrichment Coordinator, Shari, reached out to the Chicago Bears to let them know about the Dare to Dream program. The Bears immediately responded by sending Lorenz an autographed plaque. Shari presented this to Lorenz at an exclusive Bears pre-game party set up just for Lorenz and his family! Arlington Place completed the party with football food, Bears decorations, a football uniform blanket and a foam finger!



Tom was a Second Lieutenant in the 90th Bomb Group during WWII. Their main mission was to fly B-24’s over the Japanese air space to disrupt railroads and supply depots. There was a WWII plane exhibit coming up at a local airport and Life Enrichment Coordinator, Shari, knew Tom needed to go! Tom’s daughter was able to attend the show with her father, where everyone was in awe of Tom wanting to shake his hand and thank him for his service.



  • "The Live 2B Healthy Wellness Program is great because it relieves so much of my arthritis pain. I never miss a day!"
    Audrey C
  • "My father in law lived there for nearly a year. He loved it. And as he neared the end of his life the staff was wonderful. They prayed with us, and did a very meaningful private Christian service in his room for us. They offered us several meals which were much appreciated. We can’t thank them enough for the wonderful care they gave him!"
    Mark Birdnow
  • "Whether it’s staff or family of residents, you walk in here and everyone cares about each other and I think that’s what really sold us."
    Memory Care Family
  • "Arlington Place has a wonderful atmosphere and lots of fun activities to participate in. Being at Arlington Place has allowed me to make new friends and catch up with old friends."
    Julie J
  • "I have been here 5 years. I came because my children thought I needed help caring for my wife. Now that she is gone, I stay anyway because I like it here. And I really like that I can have my cat, Heidi!"
    Tom T.