Tips & Advice

Tips & Advice

Assisted Living Search Mistakes to Avoid

1. Not being realistic about current or future needs

Be realistic when researching different assisted living communities. Ideally try to choose a community that is able to provide care for your loved one now and in the future that way you can try to avoid having to move your loved one again in the future […] Read More

Having the Conversation about Assisted Living with a Loved One

No adult child ever looks forward to discussing with their parent the possibility of moving to an assisted living community. However, being proactive and prepared regarding this topic can save a significant amount of time later when mom or dad needs to find an alternative living arrangement  […] Read More

Sundown Syndrome

Ever notice that your loved one living with dementia becomes more agitated when day is transitioning to night? Maybe dad gets more anxious or confused and begins seeing things that are not physically there? Perhaps mom becomes overly moody and even sometimes angry or violent? […] Read More

Durable Power of Attorney for Financial Care and Health Care

When creating a living will, it is recommended to designate a loved one to make health care decisions on your behalf through a legal document called a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care. The person you designate in your Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care will be authorized to make medical decisions for you during a medical emergency […] Read More

In order to help you find the perfect community to match the interests of you and/or your loved one, below are two checklists that can provide guidance when touring communities.

Memory Care Checklist

Assisted Living Checklist



  • "The Live 2B Healthy Wellness Program is great because it relieves so much of my arthritis pain. I never miss a day!"
    Audrey C
  • "My father in law lived there for nearly a year. He loved it. And as he neared the end of his life the staff was wonderful. They prayed with us, and did a very meaningful private Christian service in his room for us. They offered us several meals which were much appreciated. We can’t thank them enough for the wonderful care they gave him!"
    Mark Birdnow
  • "Whether it’s staff or family of residents, you walk in here and everyone cares about each other and I think that’s what really sold us."
    Memory Care Family
  • "Arlington Place has a wonderful atmosphere and lots of fun activities to participate in. Being at Arlington Place has allowed me to make new friends and catch up with old friends."
    Julie J
  • "I have been here 5 years. I came because my children thought I needed help caring for my wife. Now that she is gone, I stay anyway because I like it here. And I really like that I can have my cat, Heidi!"
    Tom T.