Dare to Dream Program

Dare to Dream Program

Arlington Place continually goes above and beyond expectations when it comes to their residents. Our staff learns what types of activities our residents wish they could do or wish they would have done and we help their dreams come true! Whether it’s creating a candle lit, romantic dinner for spouses, participating in a car show ride-along, going on an airplane ride, or taking a resident to see their grandchildren for the first time, nothing is too big or too small! We want to help create lasting memories for the residents of Arlington Place!


Sheldon has always been a big Cubs fan so he is excited that they have finally made it to the world series. Sheldon has been waiting all his life for this moment and it is finally here to watch his Cubs win!

He has been a Cubs fan since he was a little boy and still loves to watch the Cubs still to this day.  Sheldon recalls watching them while growing up and receiving so much joy watching the cubs win.

So here at Arlington place we got him a win flag and are proud to be flying it in his honor. This flag will be flown until the Cubs lose! (if they do)

DTD1Marilyn LOVES to shop at the Amish stores. She knows one of the ladies who runs the stores, Mary. She used to buy eggs from Mary’s grandpa. Mary and Marilyn have known each other since they were very young, so Marilyn always enjoys when we make special trips to the Amish for her!

DTD2Delbert only likes Christian Brothers Brandy. He loved telling stories about drinking this at every Christmas before moving into Arlington Place. For the most recent happy hour, our Health Care Coordinator, Sara Jelinek, surprised him and bought him a bottle! He did his famous “Oh MY GOD!” He was very happy and couldn’t stop talking about it!

DTD3Alice used to enjoy painting in her free time. Unfortunately, throughout the years this passion has died off. However, when we asked her if she would be willing to help a Resident Assistant paint the train for one of our Christmas events, she didn’t hesitate to say yes! She even got a couple other residents to help her too!

DTD4Arlene is one of our memory care residents. She is a retired teacher and she taught Kindergarten through 6th grade! Arlington Place’s Manager, Brett Ingersoll, planned with his wife, who is a 7th and 8th grade reading school teacher, a day that Arlene could spend a few hours with her at school! We took it a step further and while she was there, she taught the class! She read them “Twas the night before Christmas” and a told a variety of stories to the class! Both the class and Arlene really enjoyed her time spent there! Arlene lit up and was so happy to do something like this.

DTD5Marcille is one of Arlington Place’s residents who is known for her fabulous cooking abilities, one of her favorites is her famous chicken noodle soup! She has always talked about how her family loved when she would make it for them. For an Old Tyme Christmas Event in Oelwein there was a soup contest and we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to see Marcille shine! Marcille was so excited about this, she raved and raved to all the other residents about it! She was unable to attend the contest herself, so Culinary Coordinator, Minda Sherman and Community Relations Coordinator, Cassie Flaucher, went down and served the soup on her behalf! At the end of the contest, Marcille’s chicken noodle soup won FIRST place! When we handed her the first place envelope she was so happy! Her smile went ear to ear! This is definitely something that she will be talking about for the years to come!

DTD6Fae has been a resident with Arlington Place since October 2015. Fae has mentioned her favorite pasta salad to Life Enrichment Coordinator, Shari Vargason, on a few different occasions so she thought this would be the perfect type of activity to share with Fae and bond over. Fae assisted with cutting fresh vegetables and the mixing of the ingredients. While making the pasta, Fae spoke proudly about the love her family and friends had for this pasta salad at big events. We served Fae’s pasta salad on our complimentary salad bar for all the residents to enjoy!

DTD7Mary Ann began teaching at a local Amish school after a few years working unhappily at the school in Oran. A couple months later she knew she made the right decision! She has never felt more love from her students like she did there. Many of her past students continue to visit Mary Ann at Arlington Place. Shari, Life Enrichment Coordinator, took a day to travel with Mary Ann to the Amish School and to hear all about the past time when Mary Ann was there. She was able to talk with all the children and told them about her time teaching there. This was a wonderful day for Mary Ann and she had a smile ear to ear while talking with the children.

DTD8Malvin has lived at Arlington Place for almost 2 years and loves to talk to his friends about his house and farm. We took Malvin to his house so he could share his first buying experience story with us! He said his wife “forced” him into buying a house when he thought a trailer would be just fine. He owns about 200 acres of land. His neighbor plants corn and alfalfa on his land each year for him. He is extremely proud of his land and all he has achieved as a farmer.

DTD9June’s son, Jim, made a surprise visit from Colorado and June was thrilled! While Jim was in town visiting, he came to Arlington Place to enjoy musical entertainment with his mother. Jim and June danced around the dining room for the majority of the show! Another great part of this visit was that June was able to finally meet her great granddaughter that was born in April!

DTD10Pat was a Para Trooper in the United States Army for four years during World War II. He had to jump out of the Army planes over 13 times and he is extremely proud of this! Arlington Place wanted to take a day for Pat to visit a couple different Plane Museums so he could relive his past experience. Living with Dementia, Pat continues to talk about his time in the Army and we were blessed to be able to take a walk down memory lane with him!

DTD11Shirley loves sports cars and has always been fascinated with them. Unfortunately, lately Shirley has had no desire to leave Arlington Place for activities with the other residents. When Arlington Place heard that one of their Universal Workers, Connie, owned a Sports Mustang, we knew that this would be the perfect opportunity to get Shirley out and about again. Connie took Shirley on a ride around town and stopped by Dairy Queen for lunch. Shirley showed Connie where she used to live prior to Arlington Place. This was a very nice treat for Shirley and you could tell she appreciated the one-on-one time with Connie.

DTD12Gary is our newest Memory Care resident! He loves telling the workers stories about life on his old dairy farm. Gary and his wife, Mary, had more than 50 cows on their farm. He always says that he considered his cows more of a pet than a job. Life Enrichment Coordinator, Shari Vargason, took him to the local Stempfle Dairy Farm to see the different milking processes that larger farms use. He was very intrigued by new technology and how it has changed how dairy farms operate!

DTD13Sharon has resided in Arlington Place’s Memory Gardens since January 2016. Sharon talks frequently about her love of collecting antiques and blue glassware. Arlington Place’s Life Enrichment Coordinator, Shari, spent the day with Sharon visiting various antique shops around Oelwein. The highlight of Sharon’s day was finding a set of blue plates that match her other blue plates and bowls at home. Sharon was so happy and bragged about them to the other residents when they returned.

DTD14Pete enjoyed flying small Taylor Craft planes when he was younger. Visiting a local airport and getting to see all the different types of planes has brought back many great memories for him. Pete said flying was the best part of his life and will hold on to the memory forever!


  • "The Live 2B Healthy Wellness Program is great because it relieves so much of my arthritis pain. I never miss a day!"
    Audrey C
  • "My father in law lived there for nearly a year. He loved it. And as he neared the end of his life the staff was wonderful. They prayed with us, and did a very meaningful private Christian service in his room for us. They offered us several meals which were much appreciated. We can’t thank them enough for the wonderful care they gave him!"
    Mark Birdnow
  • "Whether it’s staff or family of residents, you walk in here and everyone cares about each other and I think that’s what really sold us."
    Memory Care Family
  • "Arlington Place has a wonderful atmosphere and lots of fun activities to participate in. Being at Arlington Place has allowed me to make new friends and catch up with old friends."
    Julie J
  • "I have been here 5 years. I came because my children thought I needed help caring for my wife. Now that she is gone, I stay anyway because I like it here. And I really like that I can have my cat, Heidi!"
    Tom T.